The Importance of Engagement- A Process Post

The Importance of Engagement- A Process Post

As I have started to gain a better idea of who my audience is, the idea of engagement has come into play. I have had a bit of trouble figuring out how to effectively engage with my audience, given that I am not selling any goods or services. One way that I think would be effective, and we have talked about this a lot in class, is engagement through social media. I have heavily relied on the social media platforms Pinterest and Instagram to engage with my audience, and I believe that these are good tools to do so. Pinterest especially has been a helpful tool, as I am able to save many different DIY interior design trends and ideas to my page to share with my audience. I think this method is good for my blog, as I am not a professional interior designer. A lot of my ideas are inspired by idea on Pinterest, where people have tried these ideas, and being able to share successful utilization of interior design ideas with my audience has proven to be an effective way to engage.

On my blog, I try to engage with my audience through my posts by trying to be as real and authentic as possible. I write my posts through an amateur lens, where I share my ideas and trends as someone who simply has a desire to try. I try to engage with my audience by explaining my successes and failures in the field of interior design, and hope that my lack of professional skill allows me to seem relatable and easy to connect with.

I think that engagement with my audience will always be a growing challenge for me. As I continue to build my blog, I hope that more engagement techniques will arise that will allow me to reach and engage with my followers.

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