Process Post #3: A Review of Jill’s Book Blog

Process Post #3: A Review of Jill’s Book Blog

I had the pleasure of reviewing Jill’s Book Blog this week, and was delighted with how developed and interesting her blog is! Jill’s Book Blog focuses on… you guessed it… books! I found this blog especially interesting as it also has a focus on accessible books. Jill mentions that she is partially sighted to fully blind, and offers a perspective of books that are available and accessible to her. I really enjoyed reading and learning about different audio books and books that cater to people who are visually impaired, as this is something that I have never really thought of. I found her Process Post #7 especially interesting, as Jill spoke about the importance of website visuals, and her efforts to incorporate visuals into her “word-heavy site.” She uses a lot of memes, which I found to be funny and relevant to her site!

Though Jill’s blog is amazing already, there are a few things that I noted that could elevate her blog even further. To start, I think that Jill should move her “about” page to a more visually accessible spot on her blog. I notices on my first visit to Jill’s Book Blog that I could not easily identify her about section when wanting to learn exactly what the aims of her blog were. I think that if she moved the “about” page to the front of her menu that readers would be able to locate this easier. I also think, in regard to her about page, that Jill should maybe add a bit more about herself. She does a really good job at identifying the mission of her blog, but this section lacks some details about who Jill is! I think that if she added a few personal facts or traits about Jill that this section of her blog would really shine.

Other than that, I really could not find too many things that I would change about Jill’s Book Blog! I found her content really interesting, and she even inspired me through some of her book recommendations! Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing this blog.

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