Peer Review: A First Look at Balanced Badass

Peer Review: A First Look at Balanced Badass

It was an absolute pleasure reviewing Balanced Badass. It is obvious that Tiffany has really taken the time to create a blog that is personal and curated to showcase her own interests. From a first glance, her blog is very visually appealing. The logo “Balanced Badass” is largely projected in a visually appealing type front, and the general layout is very clean and organized. I automatically understood what her blog was trying to achieve upon visiting the site; the photos and post titles indicate that Balanced Badass is a blog about mental health and wellbeing that seeks to encourage and build on personal growth.               

Tiffany had already produced a variety of blog posts that focused on different themes like eating disorders and personal recovery. I was really impressed after looking at each post. They were all extremely well written and discussed mental health and wellbeing issues in a professional yet personal matter. I really appreciated this, as it made Balances Badass feel like a professional blog but allowed me to feel that Tiffany was a real person behind the blog. The posts were detailed and appeared to be well researched. Tiffany also attached her personal Instagram account to her page, which I thought helped assign an identity to herself as the author. Again, I liked the personal touches that she has added to the blog to create a sense of relationship with her following.

Though Tiffany has a very clear direction, I have identified a few additions that she could make to Balanced Badass to make the blog even better. I think that it would be useful to the identification of the “self” if she added an “about” page. This would help new viewers of the blog to understand Tiffany’s direction and intention of Balanced Badass. I also think that creating social media accounts specifically for the blog would help gain a larger following. I also think it could be useful to add an anonymous question or comment section to the blog, for users to approach Tiffany about their personal mental and physical health concerns.

Despite these different additions, I think that Tiffany has done a fabulous job with the beginning stages of Balanced Badass. She has a very clear goal and direction of her blog, and I can’t wait to see the next stages!  

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