Peer Review #2: Summarizing Four Purple Walls

Peer Review #2: Summarizing Four Purple Walls

I was excited to have the opportunity to review Tiffany’s blog Four Purple Walls. The theme of her blog is very different from mine, so it was exciting to look at her book reviews! From a first glance at Four Purple Walls, I knew right away that her blog reviewed books. The design and overall theme of the pages were consistent and had a variety of purple elements, which I liked. Her subphrase was really catchy to me, as it read “My newest way to connect with people through our mutual love of fine literature.” I thought that this phrase added a really personal touch to her blog, and let readers know that the book reviews were her own personal ones. She already has a lot of posts on her website which I enjoyed looking at! Though I did not get the opportunity to review Tiffany’s website in the first Peer Review, I can tell that she has put a lot of time and effort into her blog.

Though Four Purple Walls is very developed, I did think of a few things that Tiffany could add to her blog. I think that adding some visual elements, whether that be pictures of text of her posts would look great on the blog’s home page. There is not a lot on the home page as of right now, so I think that adding some visuals would help! I also think that either adding spaces or removing some of the posts on the right side banner would make the banner look less cluttered. Having fewer posts listed may make the banner easier to read! That being said, when I did visit a post Tiffany linked some of her past recommended posts, which I found very compelling to get readers to stay longer on the page! Overall, I think some more personal and visual touches would really elevate Four Purple Walls!

When looking at the social media accounts of Four Purple Walls, I did have some trouble actually locating the pages. Tiffany has put her social media addressed in her contact section. Though I think that this is a useful space for them, I feel that if there were icons that directly linked users to the social pages on the top of her homepage that the sites would receive more traction. I also think that for her social media accounts that it would be helpful if Tiffany had social media specific Four Purple Wall accounts. Right now she has her own person social media accounts posted. Though this adds to the personal effect that the blog has, I think that having public social media account specific to the blog would help build a strong following. As I am sure the blog itself will have many followers, I think that having social media accounts with the same name as the blog would aid in a stronger social media presence. Finally, with Tiffany’s current social media accounts listed on her contact page, you cannot actually click on a link that directs users to her social accounts. I manually typed in her links, but unfortunately the Facebook page did not load for me, and her personal Instagram account was private. I do realize the importance of having an element of privacy in ones life, which is again why I would have Four Purple Wall specific public social media accounts.

Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing Four Purple Walls. I think that it is a really interesting and informative blog, and offers a nice person touch as Tiffany herself is reviewing the books! I cannot wait to see the final progressions of this blog!

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