Monetizing West Coast Design Elements- Process Post

Monetizing West Coast Design Elements- Process Post

As I have continued to develop and grow my blog, I have come to the conclusion that I want to monetize my company. After thinking of different ways that I could earn a profit from my blogging, I have developed three different strategies that I could use.

The first monetization strategy is affiliate advertising. Affiliate advertising is a form of advertising where a company pays a blog or blogger to promote a product or service on their site (Gunelius, 2020). I plan on using affiliate adverting in a cross-promotional way, where I will advertise different companies products, and they will pay me through using pay-per-click and pay-per-sale ads. This is a very smart and effective way to monetize a blog, and I think that this method of advertisement would work well with my blog.

The second form of monetization is using display ads to promote products and services that I use. I plan on using Google Adsense to display advertisements to the sidebars, header, and footer of my blog. Google Adsense is a great way to monetize one’s site, as this application matches advertisements to the website based on the content posted and the viewers of the site. This form of advertisement would work well for West Coast Design Elements, as I often share with my viewers pieces or furniture or decorative pieces that I have in my home. If Google Adsense can find advertisements of furniture or interior design items that fit into the theme of my blog, then I would be able to make money if a viewer clicked on one of these advertisements. This is an easy and effective way that I plan on monetizing West Coast Design Elements.

Finally, I plan on selling goods and services on my blog once I am skilled enough. If I go to school to become a professional interior designer, I would like to sell my service as a consultant where I can give my opinion. I also would like to sell different design products that I make, like storage units, picture frames, and other design goods. If I can get skilled enough in my craft, I think that these would be a great way to make money for West Coast Design Elements.

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