Growing and Learning Day-By-Day: Process Post #2

Growing and Learning Day-By-Day: Process Post #2

It’s been three months since the birth of West Coast Design Elements, and I can honestly say that I’ve loved the process of creating my own blog. This is something that I have never done before, and its been really fun taking my love and passion of interior design and sharing my idea on the internet! Since the beginning stages of WCDE, I have identified many key features to aid in the growth and development of my site. In class we have talked a lot about the importance of finding our customers and audience, and I think that I have successfully identified and narrowed down my audience. I now am catering my blog to young adults who are newly moved out and who are also passionate about interior design, like myself. As I, myself, fall into this category, I can write content that is relatable and real for my audience.

I also have started to build my social media platforms, and have figured out the main platforms that are most useful and relevant for my customers and audience to follow. We have had different guest speakers come to class and talk about branding, and how critical good social media platforms can be to build a companies brand. Though my social media pages aren’t as developed as I would like, I have a plan to build my pages to reflect and advertise my brand.

I have learned so much about different techniques and tricks, like using Canva and Gifs to enhance my website and make it more relatable. I was so reliant on just the content that I was posting when I initially started West Coast Design Elements, but the different class lectures and activities that we have done in class has helped me understand the various aspects that go into creating a blog. I feel very inspired to continue my blog, and hope to build West Coast Design Elements into my passion and career!

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