Growing and Bettering My Blog- Process Post

Growing and Bettering My Blog- Process Post

One of the good things that has come about with this quarantine is that I have had a lot of opportunity to take an in-depth look at WCDE to see how and what I need to improve. I’ll admit that I was stuck in a bit of a rut a few weeks ago trying to figure out what I need to improve with my blog. We have talked throughout the duration of this course about constantly taking advice from other and upgrading and improving our blogs. I think that the Peer Review assignments have been really useful for this, as the opinions of outsiders who are new to your blog often offer a unique perspective of what you can change! Based on advice from peers and my own personal reflections, I have identified two major components of West Coast Design Elements that I need to work on.

#1: Social Media

For some reason that is unknown to me, I have found creating social media for my blog very challenging and daunting. Instagram, in particular, is something that I had a hard time creating. I feel overwhelmed when trying to create content to post, so I just have not really worked on my blog’s Instagram page. I do know, however, how important and crucial social media can be for the success of a blog, and understand that I need to work on it. My plan to get started on Instagram is to follow other design blogs and post content related to my articles. Hopefully this will get my creative juices flowing so that I can create I successful Instagram account.

#2: The Footer of my Blog

Right now, I find the footer of my blog to be weak and in-cohesive. Though the footer might seem like a small and insignificant part of a blog, I really want the entirety of my blog to look good. To enhance my footer, I think that I need to work on how the components are spaced on the page. I do not think that this will b challenging, but I do need to configure them to see what works best!

Overall, I am happy with how my blog is looking, but know that if I want it to become successful that I will need to continuously work and change things!

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