Confessions of an Interior Design Wannabe- Process Post #1

Confessions of an Interior Design Wannabe- Process Post #1

Though the creation of an interior design blog like West Coast Design Elements has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, I have found it difficult to determine who the actual intended audience of this blog is, and what my mission for this blog is. I am by no means an interior designer by trade, which makes it daunting when trying to market and advertise this blog when there are professionals who actually do this for a living. I found myself in a state of defeat and was willing to give up, when I remembered why I actually created West Coast Design Elements in the first place! I grew up watching my mum, who is not an interior designer, design and modify our various homes throughout my childhood, and was inspired by her level of creativity. I then began following other amateur design blogs that featured easy interior design elements and tricks that were easy for anyone to follow. After thinking back to these wonderful memories, I realized why I wanted to create this blog in the first place! My mission was to create an interior design blog that was similar to the ones I grew up reading, which taught me easy and cost-efficient design ideas, practices, and trends. This is when I discovered my audience! West Coast Design Elements is a blog for people just like me who have a passion for interior design, and want a safe and helpful place to learn about it! Though this blog has a focus on west coast design, the practices and ideas that I feature can be replicated and revamped for any space! It does not matter if my public is young or old, or even own their own living space! The goal of this blog is to inspire, teach, and share with anyone who is willing to listen to what is trendy in the world of west coast interior design.

Since West Coast Design Elements is a new project, my goal is to build a strong brand identity that I can always turn to when thinking about content. From this brand, my goal is to build and maintain an audience that comments on my content and asks questions. I want to have an authentic and personal relationship with my followers. To do this, I am in the process of creating various social media accounts which will allow my audience to ask personal questions and share ideas with me! Since this is an amateur blog, I will be more than open to receive different ideas and forms of inspiration from other interior design enthusiasts. Adding social media pages related to this blog will add a person element to this professional site, which is important for me to establish.

Overall, the goal of West Coast Design Elements is to be creative and authentic. I understand that I do not have professional design experience, but want this blog to serve as a space where my love of interior design and the west coast can shine through. I am excited to share my ideas and see where this blog takes me!

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