West Coast Design Elements Take on the Covid-19 Pandemic

West Coast Design Elements Take on the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hello, everyone! I wanted to create a post to bring a little bit of positivity during this Covid-19 crisis. As social isolation has become the recommended measure to keep everyone safe, I am sure that many people are scared, anxious, and a little bit unsure of what to due during these uncertain times. I have begun to thing of some fun DIY projects and tasks that people can do around their homes that are cost-efficient, easy, and fun to do! As I am situated on the West Coast of BC in Vancouver, some of these ideas involve being outdoors, as our weather seems to be the only good thing happening right now! ☀️ Also, feel free to play around and customize these projects to suite what you have at home, and tag me in your creations!

#1: Clean and Organize your Space

You know all of those messy draws/ piles of unfolded laundry that you haven’t had time to deal with? Well, now it’s time to tackle these little projects! In times of stress and anxiety, research has proven that living in a clean, organized space can help easy these feelings. Over these past few days, I have reorganized my messy drawers, deep cleaned and dusted my blinds and other surfaces, and rearranged and decluttered drawers in my apartments. Already I feel less stressed and calmer just by doing these little things! No one likes living in a messy space, but I get that it is unavoidable sometimes. But with this pandemic, try to take the time to organize a little, and I guarantee it will make you feel better! Channel your inner #MarieKondo vibes ✌️

#2: Paint or Knit your Own Art

If you have a little extra time on your hands, arts and crafts is the perfect want to occupy your mind. I have recently rediscovered my love for painting, and have even created a few pieces that I decided to hang on my walls! Try to find some inspiration (for me, it was the West Coast forest that backs my home), and spend some time creating! Oh, and if you do so with a glass of wine or two, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world!

#3: Take a Walk or Exercise at Home

I’ll be honest, I’ve become a little bit stir crazy sitting at home, and it’s only been day three of quarantine! I have started to think of different ways to keep both my mind and body active, and I’ve found that a little bit of exercise is helpful! I’ve used my old yoga mat to do some at-home workouts on my deck, and have taken a few long walks around my neighbourhood. Not only has this kept me sane during these unpredictable times, but I’ve also been able to explore Vancouver a little bit more!

#4: Try that DIY Project you’ve Always Wanted to Do!

You know those cool DIY projects that you have saved on your Pinterest page that you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t had the time? Well, here’s your chance! If you have some old materials lying around like wood, old picture frames, or curtains, try tackling those projects you’ve been meaning to try! Over these last few days, I’ve made my own body butter, made a DIY collage of pictures to hang on my wall, and have started to tackle these cool honeycomb shelves! Scared of your project not turning out well? Who cares! The best thing about social isolation is that no one has to see your finished project, no matter how good or bad they are 😜

#5: Find your Green Thumb

We’ve been truly lucky in Vancouver that spring is starting to come! It’s been sunny and beautiful out! This is the perfect example to try your hand at plants! Creating a home garden is a really inexpensive way to bring some life to your space. From starting your own herb garden to planting your favourite flowers, garden is extremely relax and fun! Find flower or vegetable seeds at your local green house, of start building the actual beds and flower pots! For all you first time gardeners, here’s a great article about starting your first garden!🌻🌿

Well, thanks for giving this a read! In times of uncertainty, it is important to stay positive and keep health, both mentally and physically! Get your sleep, wash your hands, and stay home when possible! I send you all lots of love and wellbeing, and hope that these tips help bring some joy during these times 💕

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