Go Green🌱 Easy Ways to Add Plants into your Space

Go Green🌱 Easy Ways to Add Plants into your Space

You don’t have to be a professional gardener to be able to include plants into your home. It has been proven that incorporating plants into your spaces can boost one’s mood, reduce stress, clean and purify the air, and add life to a sterile, boring room. Though the thought of keeping something alive other than yourself can seem daunting, we’ve created a list of low maintenance plant additions that will spruce up any room in your home!

A snake plant is a perfect addition for any first-time plant owners! This plant requires little sunlight, little water, and not much soil, making it perfect for those who tend to be a bit forgetful. Not only are they low maintenance, but snake plants offer a host of health benefits! Not only do they absorb carbon monoxide from the air, but they also purify the air and emit oxygen! Throw one in a cute pot and breathe in the benefits!

The bathroom is often an area that people do not think to put plants in, but eucalyptus is the new plant trend that people are loving! Hanging a bundle of eucalyptus in your shower not only smells great, but also acts as a great de-stresser! Relax and breathe in the spa-like steam as you purify and detoxify yourself! This is a great way to make a boring bathroom feel like a tranquil space 🧖‍♀️

A bundle of palm leaves or ferns is an easy way to add an earthy touch to any bedroom or living room! Available at any nursery and some furniture stores, these plans look stunning in a wicker basket, and will transform your space instantly! Pro tip: you can get away with fake versions of these plants if you are afraid of not watering them!

If you want to turn any room into an #instagoals space, look no further than succulents! These small little desert plants are low maintenance, inexpensive, and pretty to look at! Keeping them in areas that receive sun light and lightly watering them regularly with make them last a lifetime! Get creative with the pots and containers you keep them in to instantly turn any room into a pinterest space!

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