What’s the Deal with Minimalism?

What’s the Deal with Minimalism?

5 ways to jump on this jump on this trend and transform your home

As every new year introduces a variety of trends and practices, 2020 has brought us the practice of minimalism. Minimalism is the idea of living only with the things that you really need. The idea of this practice is to remove the items that act as distractions to allow one to focus on the important things in life. I personally think that this idea is a good one! Like most people, I have drawers and closets full of clutter and objects that I have not used in years, and think that I would benefit by getting rid of a lot of these things. My social media feeds are often filled with people trying out minimalism in their homes and work spaces, and this that the practice is both visually appealing and good for mental wellbeing. After doing some research, I have arrived at 6 simple steps to begin your minimalism transformation!

Step #1: Declutter

Decluttering is one of the best ways to live a minimalist lifestyle! By going through your closet and drawers, you can determine what things you actually use, and what things you could part with. By creating organized spaces with only the essential things you need, your mind and soul will be free and clear from mess!

Step #2: Mindful Habits

Minimalism = zero mess! By instilling habits like doing the dishes right away, putting away mail, and keeping your home clean and clutterfree, you will teach yourself, and those around you habits that are good for the mind and body!

Step #3: Create a neutral base

When creating a minimalist interior, the base colour is most important! Having a base colour, like white, grey, or blue for example, is a great way to add items and transform your space into a calm and tranquil space. Having a clean and uniform space inspires a sense of calmness, which is a large practice associated with minimalism! And it totally helps with your #instagram feed!

Step #4: Quality > Quantity

With minimalism the idea is to have few, but meaningful products in your living space. Ideally, these products should be ones that you love and will want to have for a long time. For this reason, I suggest buying quality items that may have a higher price tag! Though you may cringe at the site, in the long run you will save! Quality products will last longer and will be more durable, meaning that they will remain a staple in your home for a long time.

Step #5: Texture is everything

One aspect of minimalism that people are weary of is that it’s boring. Though this may be the case in some designs, an easy way to avoid a blah space is to add a variety of textures and patterns to a room! Things like throws, accent pillows, area rugs, or pictures can add an element of dimension to a once boring space! Having a few interesting pieces that transform a room can transform a minimalist’s space from 0 to 100!

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