Tricks of the Trade- 4 Interior Design Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank!

Tricks of the Trade- 4 Interior Design Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank!

As a young student who only just moved out from my parents home, I know first hand how hard- and expensive- it is to create a beautiful design space! My Pinterest page is fully of home inspos that feature marble countertops, distressed wooden floors, chandelier lighting, and every other home elements that one would see in the latest edition of Restoration Hardware. Though these design elements are found in my dream home, my 500 square foot apartment lacks all of these elements, and my student budget sure does not allow for these to become a reality. Though I may not be able to curate my own dream space, I began to research different DIY hacks and tricks that are common with young interior design enthusiasts like myself, and have arrived with a list of easy and affordable ways to turn even the most drab living spaces to ones that are insta worthy!

#1: Contact Paper

I came across different variations of contact paper while scrolling through Amazon the other day, and was amazed with the variety of colours and designs that are available! The most popular ones that I saw were marble or granite designs, which resembled the same designs found commonly in kitchens and on countertops. I ordered myself a role for my kitchen counters, and was able to cut and paste the sticker to perfectly fit over my old countertops! Immediately my once lame kitchen was transformed into the beautiful space I’ve always dreamed of! I since have order wood and tile designs, and plan to completely transform the rest of my apartment! The prices of these different contact papers range from $15 – $23 with the ability to customize the amount you receive, making it the perfect option for designers on a budget!

#2: Wall Mirrors

Creative wall mirrors have been the latest trend in the design industry, and there are actually really easy and affordable ways to achieve these looks! My personal favourite mirrors that I have found have been honeycomb shaped mirrors, as they provide a geometric element to your living space. I found these specific stick-on mirrors on Amazon for $17.23 for a 34 pack, and arranged the mirrors on the wall outside of my shoe closet. I was amazed with how easy it was to stick and rearrange the shapes to my liking, and have found that they’re durable! I love the way that they look, as they add a chic elements to my space!

#3: Mason Jar Organizers

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most organized person. I always have makeup brushes lying around, knives and forks not in their right spot, and other random items that can make my spaces look messy and unorganized. Though there are many different organization hacks available, I recently found a really cute and affordable way to organize… mason jars! These glass containers seem to be super trendy, and can be found almost anywhere! I recently got the idea to paint my mason jars colours that would match my apartment, and have used them to store different products! I bought my paint to have a chalk-like finish, so they looked rustic, and gave them a few coats of paint before I set them out to dry! I then tied some twine around the top and voila! I had a super easy and pretty way to organize! All of the products that I used can be found at any craft store like Michaels! I lately have used these jars as a vase for flowers, and it really adds a beautiful touch.

#4: Sheet Curtains

One thing that blew my mind when I moved out of my parents house was how expensive common house things are! I recently ventured to a local design store to buy a pair of curtains, and was shocked with how expensive they were! As my budget did not allow me to spend all of my money on curtains, I took to the internet to see if there were any cheap alternatives, and to my surprise there were! I came across a ton of DIY curtain hacks that used bed sheets, so I figured I would give it a try in my own apartment. Amazon was super helpful for tracking down a curtain rod and clips, and I bought 3 plain white sheets from Ikea. I then watched a few Youtube videos about pleating the curtains to add a creative touch and then I was finished! Other than drilling up the curtain rod onto my wall, the whole process was extremely simple! I love how the curtains look in my apartment, and enjoyed the price even more!

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