Picture Perfect- Upgrade your Wall Art

Picture Perfect- Upgrade your Wall Art

I don’t know about you guys, but all of this self isolation due to the COVID-19 crisis is bring out my arts and craft side! I’ve been scanning Pinterest non-stop, and I’ve noticed so many painting and wall art inspo’s. One of my favourite affordable hacks is creating your own art for your walls, because lets face it, I’m not about to spend $500 on something I could make myself! So take a look at some of my favourite painting and wall art trends that are easy and inexpensive to do yourself!

Pressed Flowers or Leaves

One of my favourite, and most beautiful, wall hacks is drying and pressing old leaves, flowers, or feathers, and putting them in glass picture frames! You can find glass at your local craft store or on Amazon, and they usually are pretty affordable. Next, take any old foliage- my favourite is old flowers from a bouquet- and arrange them between the glass however you’d like! The best part of this hack is that you can change the collection up whenever you’d like!

Line Art

This simple yet elegant art form is a beautiful and relatively easy way to add a unique touch to your space. Line art is basically defined by using a continuous line to create your art. This is a super trendy style of art in the minimalism world, and you really don’t need much to do it! All you need is a blank canvas, paint, and an idea! There also are a ton of stencils that you can trace to ensure your project is just as you intend!

Geometric Art

You don’t have to be a Picasso to create some really beautiful and unique art for your space. One of my go-to’s for painting is geometric art! This style is great, not only because it looks cool, but also because it is completely customizable. You can use any patterns, colours, and shapes that fit your style! Pro tip- use painters tape to create really crisp and clean lines!

Paint By Numbers

Okay, now I know this may seem a little out there, but paint by numbers isn’t just a child craft anymore! There are some really beautiful pieces that you can find that could be mistaken for expensive pieces! Paint by numbers is a pre-aligned art piece that allows users to paint in spaces to create a beautiful finished project! This craft looks great framed and hung in smaller picture frames in bathrooms and power rooms! Don’t knock it ’till you try it!

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